This month we are offering a glorious range of personalised gifts dedicated to those born in July. Whether you are celebrating a new arrival or treating your best friend on their birthday, why not opt for a symbolic gift that represents their birth month, either through a dazzling birthstone or a meaningful birth flower. 


July is represented by the iconic and much loved Ruby. They are found and treasured all around the world, with the most precious coming from southern Myanmar. Rubies display a striking red colour while also embodying calming pink undertones. According to ancient tales from across the globe, rubies symbolise passion, protection and prosperity. 


Our Heart Birthstone Personalised Hoop Earrings would make the perfect gift for her to celebrate an anniversary landing in July or to mark 40 wonderful years of marriage. 

Alternatively, celebrate your best friend's birthday, by surprising her with our gorgeous Amy Circle of Life Birthstone Bracelet, which features a halo charm to represent a special ever-lasting friendship. 



If accessories inspired by nature are more to your taste, why not take a look at our sophisticated Birth Flower collection. The flower that represents July is none other than the enchanting Larkspur. These delightful summer flowers are thought to convey strong bonds of love, with the Victorians using blue larkspurs to represent one's first love. 



Put a smile on her face with our skillfully Etched Birth Flower Initial Disc Bracelet and Necklace set. For further personalisation, why not have her name engraved on our Sterling Silver Oval Birth Flower Necklace, which comes with the additional option of having a faceted semi-precious birthstone attached to your personalised necklace



Lastly, have the best of both worlds with our popular Birth Flower Personalised Bracelet which comes with the appropriate birthstone set in the centre of each birth flower charm.